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We invite you to enter Shikumen, your gateway to the east, as we continue the tradition to blend the two cultures of east and west. Our food and service reflect the architecture of Shikumen’s elegance, refinement, creativity and of course quality. We source our ingredients carefully to bring diners produce of the highest quality and serve them for exceptional value for money.


Shikumen translates to “stone gate” and is a style of housing unique to Shanghai. This arched housing blends Chinese and Western structural styles and was popular in the 40s following colonial influence. Both the design and the kitchen techniques apply methods seen in Shikumen architecture which is the combination of east and west. We use the best elements of each to create the finest possible result. The menu is a selection of the best Chinese dishes from north to south that I have personally handpicked with my team. Our ingredients are sourced carefully from the highest quality possible and we delight in pairing the very best of British produce with Chinese saucing, garnish and taste.


We carefully source all our ingredients from sustainable sources and every effort is made to ensure you experience the best dining. Wherever you choose in any of our beautiful restaurants, Shikumen will provide a dining experience like no other.

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